“Tolerans på gränsen till arrogans”

Andrei Plesu

Swedish media and social commentators are increasingly concerned about a crisis in the meaning of the word “tolerance.” In a recent article in the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, journalist Håkan Lindgren examines Romanian social anthropologist Andrei Plesu’s contention that, “at a deeper level, there is a considerable shift in meaning of the term ‘tolerance.’ It […]

What lies beyond tolerance and respect?

Att vara utom sig inom sig

The new book ”Att vara utom sig inom sig” (to be outside of oneself inside of oneself) is based on Victoria Fareld’s doctoral thesis and has recognition as its central theme. Its point of departure is the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor and Hegel’s thinking. Fareld concludes that recognition is not about a desire to be […]

Lucy Calkins challenges kids to honor their writing

Well-known US reading and writing pedagogue, Lucy Calkins, lifts the status of writing (and storytelling). She urges young writers to ‘honor their writing’ and that of their classmates and to realize that “words can create something as important as a birthday party or a nation.”

Stockholm turns to Stories

On 14-16 September 2012 Stockholm once again turns its attentions, for the sixth year running, to the art of storytelling through the Fabula Storytelling Festival. Read more about the event and program.