Teacher training concerning right wing extremism


Forum för Levande Historia, a Swedish institution dedicated to combating intolerance in society, will be running a series of teacher training programmes concerning right wing extremism in Sweden in 2013. In an eye-catching mix of offerings the trainings take up, among other things, an insight into the legacy of racial biological thinking and the role […]

A picture of dyslexia

Musician Susanna Cederqvist doesn’t just happen to be a musician. Her being dyslexic is connected to her musicality in a very real way! Susanna, who lectures about various aspects of dyslexia, including addressing the question of whether dyslexia is just a “problem,” has recently created images of how dyslexics see words. Her aim is to […]

The Loving

This film about William’s syndrome caught our attention for many reasons. One is that it truly goes beyond tolerance by investigating the beauty and talents of persons who might previously have been regarded as simply disabled. Another is the striking ability of these very social people to tell a story. One can best describe this […]

Newsmagazine Focus writes about Swedish tolerance


Weekly Swedish news magazine Fokus recently published an interesting article about the ongoing Swedish debate concerning  tolerance and multiculturalism, ”The Tolerance Trap” (Toleransfällan), by Fredrik Borneskans. Read the article. The article’s perspective is that the concept of tolerance is often misinterpreted as a ”naive acceptance”. The author suggests that a better understanding of tolerance should […]