A day for those who work against racism and intolerance in schools


On Wednesday, 20 March Stories for Society attended a meeting organized by New Connexion which works closely with the Teacher Association of Sweden (Lärarnas Riksförbund) to create a network of organizations working against racism and intolerance in schools. 20 different organizations were represented and presentations were provided by Bengt Westerberg concerning his recent evaluation of […]

How to get the message across with a story?


How should we tackle tough issues like bullying with our students or children in order to really make an impression? You need more than facts and a light discussion. You have to make the lesson interactive and create a real experience for the students. With creativity, compassion and an articulate story we manage to get […]

How storytelling affects our minds

Check out this interesting film in which neuroeconomist, Paul Zak, relates the results of his research on how storytelling affects our minds. —————————————- Se detta intressanta film skapad av “neuroekonom,” Paul Zak, som berättar om hans experiment om hur storytelling kan påverkar våra hjärnor.

“When tolerance becomes intolerance”


What is true tolerance? What do we do when we hear views expressed that we find intolerant? Reject them or ask why the person holds those views? An interesting article in Swedish online magazine LT.se takes a look at the Swedish tendency to be so focused on tolerance that views deemed to be intolerant are rejected without […]

Welfare states and immigration


Strong welfare states promote tolerance for immigrants. Read the latest article from the Gothenburg university here. ——————————————————————————————————————— Starka välfärdsstater gynnar tolerans mot invandrare. Läs den senaste artikeln från Göteborgs universitet här.