Theatre of the Oppressed

The Theatre of the Oppressed is a term coined by Augusto Boal in the 1950s.  This technique, which spread to different parts of the world, creates interaction between the audience and the actors, and focuses on utilizing theatre as a means for empowerment and promoting social change. Audience members are challenged to examine and transform their […]

Can prejudice ever be a good thing? A TED Talk by Paul Bloom


Paul Bloom explores how we categorize things and people through his TED Talk, “Can prejudice ever be a good thing?”  He explores how we thrive on looking for similarities of others who we see as the ’same’ as us (ethnicity, religion, political affiliation etc.). According to Bloom, prejudice does not always emerge out of ignorance, […]

How to Tell a Great Story


In our information-saturated age, business leaders “won’t be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says Nick Morgan ~ How to Tell a Great Story by: Carolyn O’Hara Our abilities as storytellers are becoming increasingly important in the business world.  Being able to craft a captivating story provides a powerful competitive advantage. In her recent Harvard Business […]

The Impact of Reading Harry Potter

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The Journal of Applied Social Psychology recently released a study showing that, “reading the Harry Potter series significantly improved young peoples’ perception of stigmatized groups like immigrants, homosexuals or refugees.”   When J.K. Rowling heard about this, her reaction was to explain that the Harry Potter books are a prolonged argument for tolerance.   To […]

From Slavery to Activism: A Family Heals

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From 1769-1820 Katrina Browne’s ancestors, the DeWolfs, trafficked in human beings, becoming America’s most prominent slave trading family and the second wealthiest family in America. Some years ago Browne decided, with other family members, that it was time to immerse herself in the ‘other’ story of this respected patrician New England family’s legendary success. Together […]