Stories for Society and Connection


At its core, Stories for Society’s story-making method, no matter the theme, helps us to foster, build and train in communication, creativity, confidence, compassion and connection. One of the most important purposes of Stories for Society’s method is to explore our connections to others and what those connections consist of. The dynamic of group story-making encourages […]

Charlie Hedbo & the Holocaust


2015 was a year that began with painful reminders of the consequences of our perception of division. Young men and women, radicalized, on the surface by ideology but more profoundly by feelings of exclusion from society, unleashed an attack in Paris, a city appreciated by people from all over the world and therefore itself a […]

Letters to our Children: Stories of Refuge


During an inner-city English language program in Winnipeg, MB, KidBridge educator Lorelle Perry challenged 18 refugee women, from a dozen different countries, to write letters to their children telling their story of coming to Winnipeg and the hopes they have for their family there.  The stories were then bound together into a book, Letters to Our […]

Looking to Improve Happiness? Get Re-writing!


Did our blog last February, Editing your Life’s Stories can make all the Difference, peak your interest? This week’s NY Times article Writing Your Way to Happiness builds on this idea of story editing.  The article cites many studies that show a very wide range of impacts including improvement in mood disorders, a reduction in symptoms […]

Walk Boldly toward your Biases


Vernā Myers is a diversity advocate who points to the biases that each of us holds within ourselves, sometimes without being conscious about them.  ”What do we do about the fact our brain just associates?” she asks. We need to reset our associations by facing them and changing our associations, she concludes. Go looking for […]