Exploring Beyond Tolerance at the Narrative Practitioners Forum

On Wednesday, July 23rd Stories for Society facilitated a workshop at the Narrative Practitioners Forum, held at the London Inter Faith Centre.  The workshop explored the concept of Beyond Tolerance and gave participants a taste of the Island Method.  Participants explored the creation of a character, the “visitor” in the Island Method, and how to […]

Catching the Classroom up to the 21st Century

Ingvi Hrannar Omarsson shares his experience of what current school practices he finds obsolete in his recent blog post.  He hopes to begin a worldwide discussion about how to better the classroom. At Stories for Society, we are enabling students to practice 21st century skills like empathy and compassion in the classroom through our cross-curricular […]

How Stories Hurt and Heal


As a writer, Chimamanda Dgozi Adichie recognises the power of  storytelling. As a Nigerian, she recognizes the danger in the one recurring story of suffering and violence told about Africa.  Though single stories can become stereotypes which dehumanize, Adichie shows us that stereotypes fade when we start cultivating many stories.Watch Adichi’s compelling TED Talk about using stories to […]

Harnessing your Story to Move Beyond your Circumstances


Pearl Arredondo, daughter of a Los Angeles gang leader, beat the odds overcoming her family stereotype by graduating high school and obtaining her college degree.  Today, a teacher herself, she has built a new school to support students by first understanding their story, and then supporting them to move beyond their circumstances. Arrendondo’s goal is […]

The Rise of the Radical

European Flag

The results of the May elections for the European Parliament sent shock waves through Europe and the world. Dissatisfaction with the institutions put in place in order to establish the foundations for lasting peace in Europe after WWII are being challenged. The question of why remains. With anti-european parties having doubled their seats, 100 out […]