Walk Boldly toward your Biases


Vernā Myers is a diversity advocate who points to the biases that each of us holds within ourselves, sometimes without being conscious about them.  ”What do we do about the fact our brain just associates?” she asks. We need to reset our associations by facing them and changing our associations, she concludes. Go looking for […]

Creating the Space to Learn

A provocative blog stirs our thoughts about how we learn from stories: It is when the teller does not set out to teach and rather simply tells the story that he/she creates the space to learn. Therefore a thought about the role of good stories: they create the space to learn.

The Power of Goodness: Stories of Nonviolence and Reconciliation

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The Power of Goodness was born out of The Little Star Project in Chechnya in 1997.  It is a multilingual pool of stories that inspire “young children on the universal powers of goodness, peace, healing, reconciliation, nonviolence, friendship, kindness, love, integrity, compassion, forgiveness, and respect for diversity, especially cultural and religious.”  The goal of these […]

Queens of Syria

  Stories for Society Founder, Julie Lindahl, was recently invited to attend a screening of the documentary Queen of Syria, a story of Syrian women who lost many of their family members in the war and were forced into exile in Jordan. These women came together in the autumn of 2013 to perform their own […]

Theatre of the Oppressed

The Theatre of the Oppressed is a term coined by Augusto Boal in the 1950s.  This technique, which spread to different parts of the world, creates interaction between the audience and the actors, and focuses on utilizing theatre as a means for empowerment and promoting social change. Audience members are challenged to examine and transform their […]