Wisdom in the Age of Information

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In her recent animated essay, Maria Popova asks, “…how we can cultivate true wisdom in the age of information.”  Her answer?  Storytelling! We are bombarded with information today, expected to have an opinion on everything, and therefore, create our opinions hastily, without the chance to assimilate information. Popova explores how the information overload makes it difficult […]

St. Ethelburgas Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

1993 saw the last remaining medieval church in London destroyed by an IRA bomb.  The community came together to rebuild St. Ethelburgas church, and as they did it became clear it was the perfect home for London’s multi-faith Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.  Today, St. Ethelburgas is home to a Narrative Practitioners Forum, where individuals […]

Committing to Peace in Ireland

Critically acclaimed Irish novelist Colum McCann believes that peacemakers ¨must show the tenacity of a fanatic.¨ Since the peace accords of 1998, he worries that complacency will halt the conversation between Irish nationalists and pro-British loyalists and peace may falter.  McCann’s answer is to revitalise commitment to cooperation rather than to take it for granted; peace […]

How the Teddy Bear taught us Compassion


In 1902, while on a hunting trip, Theodore Roosevelt was presented with the opportunity to kill or save a bear.  The next day, his decision was all over the newspapers in cartoon form.  The cartoon inspired toy manufacturers to invent the plush teddy bear and subsequently turn a ‘ferocious beast’ into a cuddly toy.   In […]

Exploring Beyond Tolerance at the Narrative Practitioners Forum

On Wednesday, July 23rd Stories for Society facilitated a workshop at the Narrative Practitioners Forum, held at the London Inter Faith Centre.  The workshop explored the concept of Beyond Tolerance and gave participants a taste of the Island Method.  Participants explored the creation of a character, the “visitor” in the Island Method, and how to […]