Get Empathy is a youth leadership program focused on youth fostering a culture of empathy in their school and community.  Get Empathy uses storytelling, activism, and artistic expression to arm youth to build an empathic society.  Learn more about Get Empathy here. Interested in training in empathy?  Why not try Stories for Society’s Island Method. […]

Tools for Peace Stockholm


Tools for Peace Stockholm, a network of Stockholm-based experts working with practical tools for related to a peaceful, sustainable society, met at Europahuset on 28 April 2015. The meeting was arranged by Stories for Society. Motivated by the current convergence of crises in Europe and the world, the purpose of the meeting was to explore […]

Storytelling wins Sweden’s Melody Festival

Ca. 4 million viewers watched with bated breath on Saturday night as Måns Zelmerlöw swept home an unprecedented majority of voters to claim victory for his song “Heroes”. The winning song distinguished itself by being based on a real story illustrated using unusual graphics. Together with the artist, the songwriters identified a theme from his […]

When Youth Centres Drive Change


By Julie Catterson Lindahl, Founder, Stories for Society Driving through the landscape of rural northern Bosnia one could be forgiven for thinking that one is in Austria. Snow-tipped mountains tower above small rural villages nestling in the valleys below. The spires of mosques and churches reach up toward the heavens, aspiring to be tall as […]

Sapiens, Survival and Fantasy


We have survived other species because of our capacity for making up stories. If there is any truth to Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari’s new thesis portrayed in his new book , Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, then we humans should be thinking a great deal more about our capacity for storytelling and its power, […]