What do you mean by tolerance?









Understanding what we mean by the idea of tolerance and what lies beyond this threshold isn’t easy but is very necessary! As a part of our Beyond Tolerance initiative, during a recent workshop on the topic  with The Order of the Teaspoon, we brainstormed the following thoughts around what we mean by the idea:

- Embrace

- Sing/dance

- Co-create

- Accessible

- Democracy

- Knowledge

- Meetings

- Removing boundaries

- Humor

- Fantasy

- Empathy

- Unconventional

- Walk in someone else’s shoes

- Understanding

- Eye-opener

- Different

- Bent

- Individual

- Possible

- Open

- Chaos

- Awakening

- Ecstacy

Using these ideas, we created a fantastic story together. What ideas about tolerance and beyond tolerance could you build on to create a story about them? Send us your thoughts.

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