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Preparing for a New Cultural Experience: Learning to think more openly

An exchange program for young persons would like to strengthen its approach to preparing students for interacting in a new culture. The program currently provides students with information about what they can expect, but would like to prepare students in a more profound way for opening their minds and being receptive to perspectives other than those they are used to.

The Stories Recommendation…

Workshop: Intercultural Skills Building

Creating global citizens through a process that shows why diversity and openness are important values, basic to all our interactions.

Through this program we facilitate a story-making process using the Island Method. Participants have the opportunity to test and develop their intercultural skills in a fun and creative way. At the end of the process they have a story to reflect upon which they can take with them to remind them of key ideas, values and approaches to take with them during their exchange.

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Enriching your Organization’s Intercultural Capacity: Building Beyond Tolerance Training

An organization working with youth would like to improve its intercultural capacity internally and augment its training program for greater cultural openness. The organization is currently involved in a drive to increase its engagement with tolerance and global thinking and would like to better equip some of its own employees to participate in that drive, as well as train youth.

The Stories Recommendation…


Familiarize your staff with the vocabulary of Beyond Tolerance and equip them with the Island Method, a creative approach to continually building your organization’s intercultural training capacity.

Through this program we provide you with a thorough introduction to the idea of Beyond Tolerance. You learn the Island Method, including the challenges that can arise during the story-making process. You learn how to facilitate meaningful reflection on the results of the story-making for intercultural skills building. We provide you with continuous support in offering story-making as a part of your training program and organizational development.

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