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Stories of Peace and ModerationA two-day student centered workshop to explore peace and moderation


This school strived to open up thinking among community youth on the subjects of peace and moderation.  The goal was for students to prepare a presentation of their ideas at a high-profile ceremony commemorating victims of terrorism and extremist violence.

The Stories Recommendation…

The Scuba diving course: Our two-day training

The Stories team facilitates an Island Method Process, specific to your school’s desired theme.

Through this program, the Stories for Society team facilitated 2-day story-making workshops with sub-groups, creating four bound stories on the themes of peace and moderation.  Students first explored vocabulary individually and as a group before diving into the world of fantasy.  Students were able to internalize the ideas of peace and moderation, and what they meant to them personally.  They were also able to develop a vocabulary for continuing to discuss these subjects in a meaningful and challenging way.

Posters were created and displayed conveying the messages of the stories created.  Dramatizations of the stories were presented at the ceremony.  The four groups moved the audience with their original interpretations of peace and moderation.

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The Island Method and Modern Languages:  How students can develop communication skills and write a common story in a modern language


This team of modern languages teachers wanted to set a project-based activity for a whole class with different levels of literacy in modern languages.  They wanted to have the students collaborate and develop their communication skills in order to write a common story in groups in the target language.

The Stories Recommendation…

 The Scuba diving course: Our two-day training

Understanding and Implementing the Island Method

Through this program, teachers are certified in the use of the Island Method with particular emphasis on learning modern languages.  The teaching team considers how to assist the students with material and resources tailor-made for the project. Teachers are trained to coach the students to collaborate, learn from one another, trust their own knowledge and use the classroom material/resources. Teachers are given tools to evaluate the students throughout the process and have the students reflecting on their own progress during the last step of the method, the reflection phase.

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Making a School-Wide Cultural Shift: Seeing the Possibilities in our Differences

This school recognized the need for a school-wide cultural shift among students and staff to become more open, receptive and see the possibilities in our differences.

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The Deep Dive course: Our three-day training

Understanding and Implementing the Island Method + Building your first Island Method Project.

Through this program we first introduce and certify the teaching team in the island method.  We then use the island method to explore how they can integrate being open, receptive, and seeing the possibilities in our differences, into daily classroom and school-wide programming.   Then, our expert pedagogues support the teaching team in planning their personalized Island Method Process to kick-off the school’s steps towards making this cultural shift.

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Talking about Bullying: Addressing bullying in the school and classroom


This Island Method Certified School was looking for a tool to support teachers and principals in addressing bullying among students in the school.

The Stories Recommendation…

Sandcastle Building: a two-day add-on course

Building your own Island Method Project

As this teaching team was already certified in the Island Method, the Stories team dove directly into discussing the underlying issues of bullying.  A theme was developed for this project: “everyone is the same but not the same.”  The Stories team helped teachers to prepare the process for the classroom by discussing the agreed theme, talking about potential challenges that might arise in the classroom, and preparing the teaching team for responding to these.


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Taking the Next Step with Racism and Intolerance: Using the Island Method to build upon classroom learning

This program was developed to complement a book written and distributed to 3rd grade students by an organization concerned with the issue of combating intolerance.  3rd Grade teachers sought further resources and tools that could be used to process or internalize the ideas raised by the book at the 3rd grade level.


The Stories Recommendation…

Seashell Hunting: one-day add-on course

A specialized look at the Island method for you and your teaching team


This program begins by distilling the themes and viewpoints presented in the book, and using this exercise as a means of immersing the teachers in the ideas of tolerance and moving beyond tolerance.  What do these mean and what do they require of us? Two stories are then created using the Island Method focusing on the themes of tolerance and moving beyond it into creative communication and synergistic behavior. Throughout the conversation the focus remains on the 3rd grade learner and curriculum.  Teachers gain an easy-to-use model and a number of new tools for promoting positive thinking about diversity.

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