Lift Off with Donovan Livingston


An excerpt from Donovan Livingston’s convocation address at Harvard University, Faculty of Education: “I was in the 7th grade, when Ms. Parker told me, “Donovan, we can put your excess energy to good use!” And she introduced me to the sound of my own voice. She gave me a stage. A platform. She told me […]

How do you connect with the most connected generation?


Generation Z is entering the marketplace – so how do we “connect with the most connected generation?” This article suggests storytelling may yield the results. Interested in learning more about storytelling, join us this fall for our new workshop. Click here to learn more. Read the full article here.  

Storytelling with a Moral Compass


Storytelling today is frequently portrayed as a solution that is inherently virtuous. It conjures images of grandma reading to children, elders around a fire, an ancient and noble practice with an elevated almost unknowable mystique. At the core of storytelling is learning: next to direct experience, stories are the way humans have always assimilated knowledge. […]

How Empathy Fuels the Creative Process


  “The process it takes to empathize with another person mirrors the creative process.” After many past experiences Seung Chan Lim had an insight that if he approached the creative process from a place of empathy he could reduce his bias’ and boundaries he was creating on his work. Learn more about how he explored […]

Speech Bubbles

London Bubble Theatre Company

The London Bubble Theatre Company launched a program in 2009 called Speech Bubbles targeted at ‘supporting children to develop communication, confidence and wellbeing’. Speech Bubbles creates a safe space for children to develop their communication skills.  The program has been proving successful and is now available in local London primary schools. To learn more click […]