How Empathy Fuels the Creative Process


  “The process it takes to empathize with another person mirrors the creative process.” After many past experiences Seung Chan Lim had an insight that if he approached the creative process from a place of empathy he could reduce his bias’ and boundaries he was creating on his work. Learn more about how he explored […]

Speech Bubbles

London Bubble Theatre Company

The London Bubble Theatre Company launched a program in 2009 called Speech Bubbles targeted at ‘supporting children to develop communication, confidence and wellbeing’. Speech Bubbles creates a safe space for children to develop their communication skills.  The program has been proving successful and is now available in local London primary schools. To learn more click […]

A Year Reading the World

Reading the World

Ann Morgan realized that her bookshelves contained primarily the works of British and North American authors, which sent her on a quest to read one story from each country in the world over the course of 2012. In her 2015 TED Talk, Morgan shares how much kindness and support she found when taking on this […]

New Workshop! Story-making: Practice & Dynamics


Stories for Society is launching a new program concerning our experience of developing and implementing methodologies for a form of storytelling we call story-making: the exploration of social themes through the creation of stories by individuals and groups. The program is designed to respond to demand from individuals and organizations working with human development.The following course […]

Tools for Peace: Group Story-making for Social Change

BiH Group Storymaking

On Thursday 28 January, 2016 Tools for Peace held the fourth session in its series, in which practitioners of methods encouraging peaceful communication share their experiences. Julie Catterson Lindahl and Megan Cosgrove explored the topic, “Group Story-Making for Social Change,”  by sharing their experience of working in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina during 2014-15. The project was funded […]