New Workshop! Story-making: Practice & Dynamics

Stories for Society is launching a new program concerning our experience of developing and implementing methodologies for a form of storytelling we call story-making: the exploration of social themes through the creation of stories by individuals and groups. The program is designed to respond to demand from individuals and organizations working with human development.The following course offering focuses on introducing practical methodologies for story-making and why/how they work to enhance learning and communication. In the program, Stories for Society draws both on its Island Method™ and other expertise within our organization concerning story-making, to deliver a course that will enhance your organization’s approaches to human development and complex social themes.
The Island Method™ is an approach to group story-making that has been developed by a wide range of experts in the arts, psychology and learning institutions over many years. It was initially applied in schools, but has subsequently been shown to have value for both adults and children in a range of organizations. Training concerning the Island Method™ itself is also available through Stories for Society.One-day and half-day programs are available. Stories for Society is currently registering interest in holding this program in Stockholm on a recurring basis throughout the calendar year. The next workshop will take place in November 2016 at a central Stockholm venue arranged by us for which diverse individuals and organizations can register. If your organization would like to host a session at your venue, that is also possible.
To learn more, including reviewing the workshop syllabus, click here!

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