Our Board

Our Board

P1030382Lauriane Baillet has worked both as a teacher and pedagogical leader since moving to Sweden in 2004. She has worked at international schools and shouldered the functions of IT co-ordinator, working group leader and principal. Recently she has left the schools to work as a consultant focusing on IT and developmental questions within the education sector.

P1030328Megan Cosgrove is an Executive Coach and Human Resources Professional.  Megan has experience as human resources leader in the education sector in Canada as well as a teacher.  Megan has consulted in both the public and private sectors and now runs her own boutique coaching practice Traverse Coaching and Leadership Development (www.traversecoaching.com), home of The Mamma Returns, (www.themammareturns.com) a transition support program for women returning to the workforce.  Megan spent three years living and working in Stockholm, Sweden and now resides in London, UK.

P1030332Deborah Duerr is a graphic designer, curator and art teacher. She started her own art school in 1996 as a reaction to the increased reduction of art curriculums throughout the school system. Deborah is also the head art teacher at Lilla Akademien and Lilla Akademiens Musikgymnasium. With many businesses placing creativity as a top priority, she has created and delivered valued workshops at her well-known location, Galleri Duerr in Stockholm. www.galleriduerr.sewww.duerrsutbildning.se

P1030364Martin Dworén Head of Corporate and External Relations for the world’s largest youth center, Fryshuset. www.fryshuset.se

P1030348MaiBritt Giacobini MD and PhD. Specialist in child and youth psychiatry and clinical genetics. Founder of Prima BarnPrima Barn och Ungdomspsykiatri AB, Scandinavia’s largest private specialist children’s psychiatric care clinic with a working group responsible for quality assuring and advising on the development of Stories for Society’s method.www.primabarn.se

 Manne af Klintberg is our honorary board member and well-known activist for children’s rights, and live performer as well as television personality as Manne the Clown. Chairperson for the International Play Association’s chapter in Sweden campaigning for children’s right to play. www.ipa-sweden.org

P1030342Julie Lindahl Oxford educated Fulbright Scholar, author, columnist, blogger and social entrepreneur. Julie has several years’ experience of voluntary work in story-reading and story-telling in the classroom, and at her summer camp for kids. Julie is the founder of Stories for Society, which emerged originally from her many years of research and work concerning health and well-being. For more information, visit www.julielindahl.com.

P1030360 Eva Norén Master of Business Administration with several years of study within the area of behavioural sciences. Today she works as an independent consultant specializing in communications and creativity development. She also works as a project leader and moderator for qualitative research projects.

P1030376 Håkan Sandberg is Chairperson of Stories for Society. He is a marketing pedagogue with a broad background in humanistic and commercial organizations. Today he works as a communications consultant with a learning perspective concerning organizations, groups and individuals. Parallel with this, he pursues studies in pedagogics at Stockholm University with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.hakansandberg.se


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