Meeting on Magic Mountain

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In February 2015 the Stories for Society team met a group of energetic youth and youth leaders in Ljubija, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  The group explored the theme “Who is the stranger?” and created a story that both reflects their culture, history, and personal experiences, and is highly relevant to how we meet that which is new and different. In this way, they created a story that is relevant to children everywhere.

Meeting on Magic Mountain was brought to life in a promenade production down Ljubija’s main street. The production was developed through workshops between February and April 2015 and was led by UK-based non-profit Most Mira – Bridge of Peace.

The full-color picture booklet is written in both Bosnian and English, and includes images of the production and drawings created by youth to tell the story.

This work took place within the context of a larger project entitled Peace-building with Youth through the Arts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was funded by The Swedish Institute. It focused on building bridges between communities in the northern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Copies of the book are available at 100 SEK with 25% of the purchase price being donated to the Ljubija Youth Centre.  Shipping costs are additional.  To purchase a copy of the book, please complete the following form.

Shipping (per copy): To Sweden – 7 kr; Outside Sweden – 15 kr

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