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A One-Day Introduction to the Island Method


Are you curious about how the Island Method for story-making works?  In this one-day session you will learn:

  • The basics behind the Island Method;
  • How you can use the Island Method in practice;
  • The possibilities it opens up in the classroom; and
  • How it will impact your classroom programming.

To become certified to use the Island method in the classroom, this one-day workshop must be complemented with a 6-hour training course.

Venue: Your School

Duration: 6 hours (One Day)

Price: from 1 670 SEK/person excluding applicable taxes



Scuba Diving

A two-day Island Method Certification.


Would you like to integrate the Island Method into your teaching?  During this two-day program you will become certified in the use of the Island Method.  You will learn how to:

  • Plan and run a story-making process;
  • Facilitate students’ participation; and
  • Evaluate student’s work during the story-making process, reflection phase and upon completion of the process.

Upon completion of this course you will certified in the Stories for Society’s Island Method.


Venue: Your School

Duration: 12 hours (Two Days)

Price: from 2 650 SEK/person excluding applicable taxes



The Deep Dive

A three-day certification and specialized look at the Island Method.


Would you like our team of pedagogical experts to support you in setting up the process to work with a specific subject or tackle a critical, social or cultural issue?  In this three-day program, we will first certify you in the Island Method and then work specifically within the subject matter or theme you select.  You might consider specializing in:


  • A school subject, with the objective of increasing students’ motivation and application of knowledge. How can you use the method to support learning in this specific subject area?;
  • A particular theme (e.g. environment, beyond tolerance); or
  • A cross-curricular project.


Through this program we will work with the story-making process and your selected area of specialization, so you feel confident in setting up your own process in the future.


Please note: If you have already completed your Island Method Certification (Scuba Diving) you can opt for a 1-day specialization program.


Venue: Your School

Duration: 18 hours (3 Day)

Price: from 4 320 SEK/person excluding applicable taxes


All of our programs can be tailored to meet your school’s individual needs!  We are excited to build an Island Method workshop that mataches your wants, needs, budget and time constraints!  Contact us today to learn more at



On the Island

Would you like the Stories for Society team to come to your school and facilitate a story-making process?  You select the theme, subject or curriculum strands.  You might consider our focal program, Beyond Tolerance, which addresses cultural diversity and openness (read more about this program below).


Through an Island Method Workshop we will:


  • Build participants 21st century skills,
  • Develop empathy and self-awareness in participants, and
  • Challenge participants to work together while apply numerous curriculum standards (reading, writing, dramatization, visual arts and more).


Bring creativity, fun and an opportunity to push the boundaries to your school with this workshop.


An Example of a Potential Theme for your Island Method Workshop

Beyond Tolerance

Beyond Tolerance is this year’s focal theme for Island Method Workshops.  Through this process address questions such as:

  • How can we manage to promote cultural diversity and openness in a strategic manner?
  • How can we improve our tools for addressing tolerance issues?
  • How can we integrate tolerance training into our daily classroom programming?



Venue: Your School

Duration: 12 hours (2 Days)

Price: from 2 440 SEK/person excluding applicable taxes


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