“We are always looking for methods that meet the needs of different children. Kids learn in diverse ways and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to develop, experience self-esteem and feel safe. This project began as an anti-bullying initiative, but now we have seen that it is so much more. In the future, we intend to use the method to combine different disciplines”.      Principal

”I have never seen my students getting so engaged in any other school project before”.  Grade 4 teacher

”Your work is so valuable. Many students cannot express themselves and this is why we have so many conflicts and misunderstandings.  But your method offers so many ways for the students to express themselves that we can actually  understand each other better.”   Grade 7 teacher


“The teaching plan places emphasis on developing debating and presentation skills, which is something this method does very well. It is an interaction between the students as they talk through and think critically about things in order to find a creative solution”. 

“It feels good to that we are working with this now that we are being asked to dig deep in the new teaching plan. This method offers so many possibilities to live up to the expectations that are being set”.    Grade 6 teacher

“The process is organic in that it starts with a core that then expands creatively to include more and more subjects. It never ends”.    Grade 7 teacher

”I really enjoy creating stories together with other students. We get so many different ideas and it is interesting to discuss and agree on how the different parts should come together to make a good story”       Student in grade 8


”Your project will have a powerful potential to change narrow attitudes into more constructive world perspectives. Furthermore, I value that you don’t have a western-centric attitude, but a respectful validation of the various states the (people) come from and exist in. This makes the project more valuable than other similar projects I have seen.”       Imam Abd al Haqq Kielan, Imam of the mosque in Eskilstuna, Sweden and The Islamic Association in Stockholm

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