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Tools for Peace: Group Story-making for Social Change

On Thursday 28 January, 2016 Tools for Peace held the fourth session in its series, in which practitioners of methods encouraging peaceful communication share their experiences. Julie Catterson Lindahl and Megan Cosgrove explored the topic, “Group Story-Making for Social Change,”  by sharing their experience of working in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina during 2014-15. The project was funded by The Swedish Institute and was entitled “Peacebuilding with Youth through the Arts in Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

Stories for Society’s Island Method has particular value to youth who are especially challenged, as they are in the post-conflict, socio-economically depressed environment of northern Bosnia.  Participants discussed the relevance of this project to Sweden and other European countries today, in which youth from conflict zones or socio-economically depressed environments arrive with stories which may seldom or never be heard, and, in this way, lead to the buildup of anger and resentment.  The question remains as to what tools are available to support these youth and their stories.

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